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Gymkhana 7: Block drifts 4×4 Mustang through Los Angeles in new Hoonigan video

Ken Block is back with the latest instalment of his Hoonigan series. Gymkhana 7 sees everybody’s favourite drift monkey behind the wheel of an all-new car, terrorising the streets of Los Angeles.

Gone is the modified Ford Fiesta of old. In its place, Ken Block steps behind the wheel of an all-black 1965 Ford Mustang — as we predicted last month. Not only does it look mean, it’s also putting out an enormous 845bhp, with power being sent to all four wheels simultaneously.

Understandably, Block has scope to kick up a lot of smoke – and we do mean a lot. 

The video starts with Block literally exploding out of a warehouse in a cloud of tyre smoke, before laying enough rubber on the streets of Los Angeles to resurface any and all potholes. He drifts around hot dog stands, shopping trolleys, through the Los Angeles river and even along a closed-off stretch of motorway while commuters make their way to and from work either side of him.

The pièce de résistance, for us, is when Block encounters an old lowrider with hydraulic suspension, drifting under the thing as it bounces repeatedly in the air.

Is it as good as previous Gymkhana videos? Well we’ll leave that for you to decide. Whatever the case, it’s certainly worth watching. Hit play on the video below if you’ve got a spare 12 minutes or so.  


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