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Habitents is a tent for your Toyota Prius

If you bought your Toyota Prius simply to demonstrate how environmentally compassionate you are then you, sir or madam, are a dispicable bore. But there are others like you — others who have taken their eco-fascination to new heights by inventing a gadget that lets you camp inside your precious hybrid while parked in the great outdoors.

The Habitents lets you get closer to nature.
The Habitents lets you get closer to nature.

The Habitents is a bit of tarpaulin that clips onto the bootlid and bumper area of your Prius. Recline the rear seats and it offers a larger space for a driver and passenger to stretch out and grab forty winks. In total, this odd-looking contraption is said to provide a healthy 80×40 inches (203 x 102cm) of room, which is more than some hotel rooms we’ve visited. 

As ridiculous as it appears, there are several reasons the Habitents is a better option than a traditional tent. Firstly, it’s ideal for those who aren’t actually camping. If you’re on a long road trip and want to get some shuteye, you can deploy the Habitents, grab some kip and wake up fresh for another long stint without having to visit a camp site or hotel.

Potentially, it could be rather comfortable. With a tent you’d have to sleep on a hard, cold floor next to creepy crawlies, excrement and other nature nasties. With the Habitents, you’ll be cozied up inside your Prius, which has a comparatively comfortable floor as well as mod cons such as heating or air conditioning. The gizmo also folds up small enough to fit inside the glove compartment.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen cars that have been modified to serve as temporary domiciles. Earlier this year Japan gave us the bonkers Prius “Relax Cabin“, and several vehicles such as the
Hornet Hatchback have had the option of a camper style attachment.

Would you be brave enough to sleep in the Habitents? Comments below or on Facebook, please.

It looks utterly ridiculous.
It looks utterly ridiculous.
But it could save you money on hotels on long road trips.
But it could save you money on hotels on long road trips.

It's certainly comfier than sleeping on reclined front seats.

Via: Gizmag


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