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Halfbike has you running and cycling to work

Could the three-wheeled Halfbike be the future of commuting?

We’ve seen some curious contraptions here at Recombu Cars, but few are quite as bizarre as the Halfbike, funding for which is currently being seeked via the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. So far it has received US$28,043 of its US$80,000 total.

The three-wheeled bicycle (which is technically a bike and a half if you count the wheels) has a small bicycle wheel at the back, pedals, cranks and a chainset connected to a tall pole with a handlebar and brake on top. At the back are two dinky tyres, which look like stabiliser wheels, and a bit of suspension to soak up potholes.

The Halfbike is 100cm long, 40cm wide and 130cm tall, making it pretty much half a bike in size. It weighs 7.8kg, thanks to the use of lightweight aluminium and plywood. It’s therefore relatively portable and will fit on a packed train carriage with ease.

Its maker, Martin Angelov, says riding it ‘mimics low impact style running’ ─ although the specific motion you’ll use is a combination of running and cycling. It sounds precarious but, from the looks of the video at least, the Halfbike seems remarkably stable – even when the rider leans into a corner.

“Halfbike brings you a completely new experience,” the Kickstarter details read. “It’s a vehicle that combines running and cycling, which turns out to be remarkably exciting and fun for getting around the city.”

The handmade and handbuilt Halfbike can be yours if you donate US$799 for the ‘early bird’ pledge or US$899 if you want one from the first production run. Colours other than white will be available if a total of US$150,000 is reached. Shipping is expected to begin in September 2014.

Would you be be seen on the Halfbike?

Halfbike Kickstarter video



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