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Hands-on with Ford Sync 3

2015 Detroit motor show: Ford Sync 3 will soon be available in all cars going forward. We took it for a spin and put the video on the internet.

First there was Ford Sync, then Ford Sync 2. Now, as you can probably guess, Ford Sync 3 picks up where the older infotainment systems left off.

Ford Sync 3 builds on the functionality of its predecessors, with the driver able to adjust the air-conditioning, navigate to a destination, crank up the radio and answer and receive phone calls.

You can also use apps like Spotify and AccuWeather, which will tide you over while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is added at a later date. A touchscreen and smartphone gestures, meanwhile, make it fairly self-explanatory to use while you drive along.

Check out our hands-on with Ford Sync 3 below and let us know what you think.


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