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Heatwave responsible for spike in motorist breakdowns and blunders

Blazing sunlight and high temperatures may be good for topping up your tan and encouraging naps, but it’s been causing problems left, right and centre for UK motorists.

The heatwave, which has seen temperatures soar upwards of 30 degrees celsius, has so far caused a 102 per cent increase in cooling system errors and an 82 per cent increase in burst cylinder head gasket problems, the RAC reported.

It’s not just the cars getting hot and bothered. Motorists are feeling the effects, too, as accidents responded to by RAC patrols have increased by 92 per cent – and it seems clumsiness has been another big issue.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “The heat has taken its toll on motorists as our patrols dealt with a 92% increase in accidents on Tuesday as well as 237% more misfuellings, possibly as a result of people getting hot and bothered at the pumps.

“We also experienced a 66% increase in people locking their keys in the car and a massive 456% uplift in cases of running out of fuel which we can only put down to more drivers taking to the road to make the most of the weather and possibly running the fuel gauge gauntlet as result.

“There was also an unusual 167% jump in vehicle fires, however the cause of this increase is as yet unknown.”

Temperatures peaked at 34 degrees celsius in the UK on the 1st of July, the hottest day of 2015 so far. Such is the heat, Wimbledon officials reduced the seating capacity to help give better access to shade.

Meanwhile the London Ambulance service has reported a 30 per cent increase in breathing and fainting problems.

Best to keep pets at home, take lots of water and ensure your car is topped up with water or risk an uncomfortable few hours waiting in the scorching heat by the roadside arguing with a loved one.


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