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Hello Kitty Mitsubishi MIrage edition is a pink monstrosity

Mitsubishi has attempted to inject its Mirage supermini with a newfound level of cuteness thanks to an unlikely tie-in with Hello Kitty.

We're guessing here, but we suspect not many people are going to buy this thing.
We’re guessing here, but we suspect not many people are going to buy this thing.

It is fair to say that Mitsubishi’s Ford Fiesta-rivalling Mirage is something of a rarity on British roads. This new special edition will be rarer still though, limited to a run of just 400 examples, with the majority likely to be sold inside Japan.

The reason for this collaboration is Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday, the cartoon feline having first appeared in 1974 on a vinyl coin purse in Japan before going on to become a £3 billion-per-year merchandising machine which includes TV shows, jewellery, video games and even a small fleet of liveried Airbus A330s run by Taiwan’s EVA Air.

There are even Hello Kitty bows on the wheels.
There are even Hello Kitty bows on the wheels.

The Hello Kitty edition, which costs the equivalent of around £7,500, doesn’t differ mechanically from a standard Mirage but cosmetic modifications include bright pink paint, exterior decals, hubcaps adorned with the famous bow logo and a unique interior with a Hello Kitty cushion.

This isn’t Mitsubishi’s first foray into the world of Hello Kitty, having previously created a one-off ‘Princess Kitty’ edition of the i city car. Nor is this the first time a car manufacturer has teamed-up with a star of pop-culture for a limited edition.

Note the Hello Kitty pattern on the seats. And the giant Hello Kitty cushion.

Earlier this year Nissan created a Dark Knight Rises version of the Juke Nismo, which was decked-out in matte black paint, red accents and gratuitous amounts of Batman logos. In 2002 MG released ‘Atomix’ editions of the ZR and ZS as part of girl-band Atomic Kitten’s sponsorship of their British Touring Car team and in 1992 Peugeot released 25 ‘1FM’ editions of the 205 GTI to mark the 25th birthday of BBC Radio 1.

Would you buy any of these? Personally we’d rather drag our eyeballs across broken glass than be seen on one. Let us know how you feel in the comments below. 

-Tom Gregory


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