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Hennessey might be making a 1,000bhp all-electric hypercar

Hennessey is known for creating cars with insane horsepower outputs generated by absurdly large combustion engines, but it may one day add an eco-car to the fleet.

In a recent interview with Top Gear magazine, founder John Hennessey said a 1,000bhp all-electric hypercar could become a reality – and sooner than you may think.

“We’re considering doing something with electricity. We’ve looked at it and I’ve got friends in that field, I’m just waiting for the batteries to become lighter and have more capacity. But I don’t think that’s far away,” he said.

Hennessey went as far to admit an all-electric hypercar “would be a reality very soon,” but ruled out going down the hybrid route, an approach adopted by McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche for the P1, LaFerrari and 918 Spyder, respectively.

“Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren have done a great job at proving that hybrid technology works, but I’m not interested in hybrids. I’d only do the Venom with an engine or as a straight electric,” he added.

Tesla is currently the only electric manufacturer that offers an all-electric car worthy of the term ‘performance’, with other manufacturers such as BMW sticking with half-petrol, half-electric.

But given the insane horsepower and torque potential, it really is a case of waiting for battery technologies to improve – something Cambridge University is making progress in.

In the meantime Hennessey is going to keep petrolheads busy with two cars, the first of which is the 290mph Venom F5 that wants to be the fastest car on the planet and the revised Venom GT, which just wants to melt your face with a 7.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine.


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