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Hit and run driver carries man for two miles along highway

Some people deal with accidents quite well, exchanging insurance details and talking to police as necessary. Others get nervous and try to flee the scene. And a very small minority run over their victims and go on two mile-long motorway joyrides with their hapless quarry clinging to the bonnet. 

The latter is exactly what happened to Elton Kim, of Roswell, Georgia when he tried to block the path of a driver who had hit his wife’s 4×4 in a car park outside his dry cleaning business. Instead of doing what a normal human being might (pull over, apologise etc.) the female driver launched her car straight at Mr Kim, knocking him onto the bonnet.

Incredibly, the unnamed driver then sped off with Mr Kim clinging to the bonnet of her car by his fingertips. She navigated her way out of the car park, headed off down the road and even exited onto a motorway, taking the terrified man on a frightening two-mile, high-speed joyride.

To his credit, Mr Kim looked incredibly cool throughout his ordeal, although it’s fair to say he probably needed a change of underwear when the driver was forced to stop at a set of red traffic lights and he made good his escape.

“I said ‘stop it’ three times,” Mr Kim told US news channel WSB-TV. “Then I go to the front of the car. He then admitted he was “very lucky” and that the woman’s behaviour was “very dangerous.” Understatement of the century?

According to the latest reports, police have identified the driver and are set to charge her.

This isn’t the first time a woman has carried a petrified man on the bonnet of her car for long distances. In July 2012 Suzanne Gilchrist carried 22-year-old Stuart Morris along on her Vauxhall Corsa for several hundred metres after driving into him as she tried to escape from a store detective. She later blamed her hormones.

Check out the video footage of Mr Kim’s ordeal below.


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