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Honda HR-V is a Nissan Juke competitor

Honda has released details and images of the HR-V prototype ahead of its world premiere at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

The HR-V is a small sports utility vehicle (SUV) set for the European market. It fuses a ‘coupé-like design’ with ‘the stability of an SUV’ – a combination mirrored by the BMW X4.

Honda says the coupé-esque design is achieved without affecting the practicality of the cabin. A central fuel tank helps maintain space, while Honda Magic Seats allow a range of seating configurations or can be folded flat for maximum boot space.

Small SUVs have proven immensely popular, with the Range Rover Evoque, BMW X4, Nissan Juke, Fiat 500X, Nissan Qashqai, Renault Captur, Audi Q3 and others competing for their share of the market.

“The HR-V is a very welcome addition to our current model line up, it is a very popular and growing market segment that appeals to both retail and corporate customers,” Honda head of car Leon Brannan commented. 

The HR-V will debut on October 2nd before it goes in sale in the summer of 2015. Point your eyes towards the two prototype images released by Honda below.

Honda HR-V prototypes pictures


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