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Hot Wheels and Vanguard stop-motion film is 25,000 frames of awesome

Fans of Hot Wheels and Vanguard’s Nitro Warriors are in luck as the two companies have joined forces to produce a three minute stop-motion film called Nitro Warriors: Dare to Connect – and it’s awesome.

The first two installments by Vanguard Films were a hit and earned the studio an army of fans. This edition will also be released on the Hot Wheels and Vanguards online channels as well as featuring at a series of film festivals.

The partnership with Hot Wheels has given Vanguard Films an increased budget, meaning a serious improvement in production standards. The result is an even more fantastical track for the toy cars to blast around.

A considerable amount of time and effort went into making the film. Vanguard’s Paul Greer spent six months producing the film, according to A further two and a half months were spent on filming the 25,000-odd photos needed for the three minute and 22 second feature. Between one and three shots were taken per day at a London studio.

Fans of stop-motion and Nitro Warriors alike should keep-a-scrolling to check this YouTube video out. What are you waiting for?


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