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Hotel valet crashes guest’s Lamborghini Aventador

A Hotel du Paris valet parks a guest’s Aventador violently into the side of a passing vehicle.

It’s every hotel valet’s nightmare to crash a car belonging to a hotel guest. That’s just what happened to this valet in a video that could easily win the award for 2014’s Most Cringeworthy Accident. The location: Monaco’s famous Hotel du Paris, Casino Square. The vehicle in question: a stunning £200,000 white Lamborghini Aventador. The problem: A surprising lack of driving talent.

In the video, the valet attempts to park the 6.5-litre V12 Lambo in a space just about big enough for the 226.5cm-wide supercar. In fact, he manages to complete the precision manoeuvre almost perfectly. The only thing left was to knock it into neutral and give ever-growing crowd of onlookers a congratulatory blast of the exhausts.

Then he forgot the car is still in gear.

The hapless valet dabs the throttle, the car lurches forward into the driver’s door of a passing SUV. We’re guessing the valet passed out momentarily from the shock. We know we would. The Lamborghini Aventador is approximately eight times the value of a year’s salary for a valet (and any well-paid journo!) – and that’s erring on the side of generosity.

On first watch, it’s possible to assume the Lambo’s dual hydraulic circuit brake system (with vacuum brake booster, no less) kept any damage to a minimum, but as the camera moves around to the front it’s clear the car has seen better days. The front is pretty much ruined with cracks and scratches all over the nose.  

The beautiful Lamborghini sports Monegasquan plates, so we have no doubt the owner has enough dollar to pop down the local garage for a repair. Still, our heart goes out to the poor valet. Talk about having the worst day ever.

What’s the worst bump you’ve ever been involved in? We’d love to hear your anecdotes below.


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