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House crashed into by 40 cars over last 14 years

Unluckiest home in the UK? South Yorkshire cottage attracts road accidents like no other.

An 18th century cottage has been crashed into 40 times over the last 14 years – including 4 times this year alone. Ted Grayson, the unlucky home-owner, has revealed that a lorry once smashed into the entire end of his home. On another occasion a motorist came crashing through the kitchen window.

Mr Grayson’s home is situated on a bend on the B6089, just before the road enters the village of Nether Haugh, South Yorkshire. Mr Grayson believes the reason for his home being crashed into so often is because drivers travel too fast down the hill and find they cannot negotiate the bend. 

Mr Grayson described the time his brother was rudely interrupted by a motorcyclist. He said: “One time my brother was sat eating breakfast when a motorcyclist came crashing through the kitchen window, his bike stayed outside, he landed inside and ended up sharing some breakfast. I only had my kitchen wall repaired for the umpteenth time last year.”

Mr Grayson added: “Every bit of my home which fronts up to the road has been smashed into several times, and the whole house has been hit more than 40 times since I moved in 14 years ago.” 

The 57-year-old who lives alone says he can no longer get home insurance. Instead he has to claim on the drivers’ car insurance to pay for repairs. You might think Mr Grayson is crazy for still living there, then, but he says he cannot move out because he helps run the family farm.

With the help of others, Mr Grayson is campaigning for speed cameras to be installed and for the speed limit to be lowered on the section of the B6089 called Stubbin Road.

The road is said to be used by more than 7,000 cars a day and is prone to accidents. Cars have also smashed into lamp posts, bus stops, and hedges. So far in 2014, there have been 14 crashes on the road, the most recent of which happened a fortnight ago. Thankfully, nobody has been seriously hurt.

There has been some attempt from Rotherham Borough Council to make the road safer. Warning signs were installed and the speed limit was reduced from 60mph to 40mph on the approach to the village. The council, however, has rejected requests for further safety measures – even though the home is involved in an average of 2.8 crashes every year.

Nigel Davey, from the council, commented: “Our priority is to treat locations that have a history of collision and where there is an established cause of accidents. While there have been a number of accidents in Nether Haugh recently, we are not aware of any injuries sustained. We will obviously continue to monitor the situation and are always happy to listen to the concerns of others.”


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