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HoverSeat turns your hoverboard into a mobile deckchair

If your ‘hoverboard’ hasn’t caught fire or been recalled you may be interested to know you could turn it into something much more comfortable.

Florida-based company BoatsToGo has created an ingenious attachment for a hoverboard that turns it from being an upright mobility machine into a four-wheeler.

The Hoverboard Cart attachment can be used as a mobile deck chair that lets you cruise around while topping up your tan in its HoverSeat guise, or, in the case of the HoverCool, a mobile cooler that keeps your preferred beverages and snacks cool while giving you somewhere to sit.

It can even allow you to tow cargo such as other sun loungers, a kayak or maybe even another person, providing your hoverboard has enough oomph to pull the extra weight.

The BoatsToGo website actually features a ‘pimped out’ version that includes an iPad holder for navigation and infotainment, lights so you can use it at night (although this defeats the object of a deckchair somewhat), bottle holder and even a horn.

Fitting it to a hoverboard is apparently an easy job and its light aluminium frame means it won’t slow you down too much (depending on your weight, of course). Plus the flat nature of the frame means you can add just about any type of seat you want.

We are not sure if the Hoverboard Cart will catch on, but apparently it has sold out of two of the colour variants available. Perhaps people are fed up of falling flat on their faces?

The Hoverboard Cart costs US$69 plus US$15 shipping in the US. Maybe it will ship to the UK if you ask nicely. It comes in red, blue or black and, no, the bikini-clad lady in the video is not included.

Video: Hoverboard Cart with Cooler


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