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HPI Lie Detector combats dodgy sellers

‘Military grade’ lie detector function will let you know if a car seller is trying to deceive you.

Buying a car can be a nightmare, especially when the salesman or private seller is telling you porkies in a bid to shift their ageing death trap. Fortunately HPI Check has added a lie detector function to its app that will make dodgy dealings a thing of the past.*

The HPI Check App Lie Detector listens to the car seller using the smartphone’s microphone. It then analyses in real-time whether the person is telling the truth or a fib, with a visual ‘lie graph’ displaying the outcome.

“Until now it has been almost impossible to tell whether a person is lying, unless you really study their body language and even then it’s tricky,” senior consumer services manager Shane Teskey said. “Now car buyers can actually put private sellers to the test, removing worries of gullibility and saving them from throwing money away on a nightmare on wheels.”

HPI says the app even goes as far as providing a visible ‘whisper’ alert if the app finds the probability of a lie is more than 92 per cent.

HPI outlined a number of other ways to help separate fact from fiction, In case you forget to bring the app with you. Nose touching and mouth covering, nodding and shaking in contrast to what is being said, constant fidgeting, level of mirroring and excessive throat clearing, gulping and swallowing are all tell-tale signs of lying.

An HPI check is used to find out car’s history. This includes knowing whether there is any outstanding finance and if the vehicle has been stolen, written off or has a mileage discrepancy.

The HPI Check App is free to download on iOS and will display basic model information such as the make and year. A full vehicle check can be bought within the app for £16.99.

*This may or may not be an April Fools joke.


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