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Hyundai Santa Fe turns women to sex zombies in new European ad

Sex sells, so it shouldnt’ come as any surprise that car manufacturers are still attempting to potray their vehicles as objects of desire that will make you more attractive to the opposite sex. We’ve seen sexed-up ad campaigns for sports cars, small hatchbacks like the Renault Clio and now we can add seven-seater family wagons like the Hyundai Santa Fe to that list. No, seriously.

Don't leave your girl alone with the Santa Fe.
Don’t leave your girl alone with the Santa Fe.

Hyundai’s Amsterdam-based ad team, Fitzroy, has dreamed up a new European advert that features the 2013 Santa Fe cruising the streets, apparently turning women into quivering wrecks with just its sheer presence. For some reason, every woman the Santa Fe passes on the streets is supermodel-hot and, even more bizarrely, every single one of them appears to be sexually infatuated by the big Hyundai 4×4.

Of course, the moaning, sweating, seductive ice-cream licking and abundance of what appears to be groin-related crises could be caused by something totally unrelated. But the makers of the clip appear to be suggesting the Santa Fe, with its undeniably gorgeous ‘storm edge’ styling, is the thing that’s making these women hot under the collar. At one point the haplesss females even congregate around the Santa Fe like mindless sex zombies. Where can we sign up for one of these things?

Read our Hyundai Santa Fe review then have a gander at the clip below for yourself, but you might want to make sure there’s nobody standing behind if you’re at work – there are several scenes with imagery that can only be described as suggestive. When you’re done, why not take a look at some other incredibly suggestive car ads?

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