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Icona Vulcano pictures reveal a £2million one-off supercar

Exclusivity is crucial if you’re paying mega bucks for a supercar and it doesn’t get more exclusive than when there’s only a single example of your chosen vehicle. So you can imagine the Icona Vulcano will get its fair share of attention from mega-rich petrolheads after its unveiling at the Shanghai motor show.

The Vulcano is Chinese coachbuilder Icona’s first car but you wouldn’t think so by looking at it. It’s gorgeous from every viewpoint with a mixture of beautiful curves and sharp, aggressive angles suggesting insane performance. It’s obviously influenced by the Prancing Horse – there’s a dash of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, LaFerrari and Ferrari California, but that’s hardly surprising given it was designed by men with ties to several high-profile automakers.

Ex-Nissan designer Samuel Chuffart gave the the car its impressive exterior design, while former-Lancia World Rally Championship and ex-Ferrari F1 technical director Claudio Lombardi designed the Vulcano’s powertrain, so it’s fair to say this is no ordinary Chinese knockoff.

Icona has said it will only build one example of the Vulcano, but that model can be specced up exactly to the buyer’s tastes. The lucky owner can have either the H-Turismo spec, which includes a 550bhp twin-turbo V6 mated to two 160bhp electric motors (one on each axle), or a heavier H-Competizione, which sports a 790bhp V12 with a single 160bhp electric motor strapped to the rear.

Whichever engine you choose, performance is brisk. The V12 version does 0 to 62mph in three seconds, while the four-wheel-dive H-Turismo gets off the line quicker, managing the same sprint in 2.9 seconds. Both cars can hit a blistering 217mph.

If you have around £2million burning a hole in your overseas account and want a car that looks like it could transform into a robot and kill you at any moment, and you get on the phone to Icona fast enough then the Vulcano could be yours.

Source: MSN Cars UK 



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