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Industrial pressure washer destroys an old Mercedes, upsets the internet

Pressure washers can damage a car, especially if they are capable of blasting out 192 litres every minute like the Hammelmann XL 1600-2 industrial machine seen ‘cleaning’ a Merc.

The video shows a poor Mercedes 190 being blasted to bits by the 1,000 bar pressure washer, which is usually used to clean out industrial tanks. It is subjected to nearly four minutes of water-based torture, at which point the extent of the damage is revealed.

The interior was said to be “in good condition” before the pressure washer was switched on. By the end it’s completely and utterly shredded. Honestly, it’s as if the car has been gutted.

Some YouTube commenters were anything but entertained after watching. One said: “You ruined a classic car for this video?!” “Cool experiment, but the car was too good,” another commented. Let’s just say some of the other comments were too rude for a family-friendly website.

The video was uploaded by user CuissTheDeejay, who said he was “saving the environment by destroying old car which ignition box is damaged and too expensive to repair” and that the remains were later recyled.

360,000 views have been amassed since the video was uploaded at the end of September 2014 at the time of writing.

A tragic waste of dated German Engineering or a great video? Let us know.

Mercedes Benz 190 vs Hammelmann 1,000 bar pressure washer