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Infographic shows the real life Grand Theft Auto car equivalents

Corporations are very protective of how their assets are presented in video games, so publishers often have to get creative if they don’t want to shell out a small fortune paying for rights. As such, players in football games have deliberately mis-spelled names and car games, such as Grand Theft Auto, often feature vehicles that look familiar, but sound incredibly alien.

You’ll spot many examples of this if you look carefully enough, as recently discovered. The car site recently compiled a list of ten of the best cars from GTA games and their real life counterparts you can actually buy in the actual world.

Some of the polygon-based cars in the list are closer to the real thing than others, but the infographic looks pretty slick and it may help petrolheads feel a little more immersed in the car-based crime-em-up as they hoon around pretending to be Tommy Vercetti.

Just remember kids, games are games and reality is reality. In the real world it’s considerably more difficult explaining to cops why you took down a helicopter with a missile launcher before speeding off in your 1974 ‘Comet GT’ 911 wannabe. Points may mean prizes in games, but in the real world, they could land you with a driving ban and jailtime.

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest installment of the series, is due for release in September ─ funnily enough around the time the Xbox Infinity and PS4 are rumoured to be landing.

Scroll on down and pick your favourite. We’ll take the Uranus, thanks.

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