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Inrix Traffic helps you find an empty parking space

Traffic information provider Inrix has developed what it claims is the first sat-nav that helps you find a specific parking space. Inrix Traffic, which will come built into next-generation car stereos, not only guides you a parking lot, but also uses real-time information to let you know whether empty spots are available there.

Inrix Traffic uses ParkMe and Parkopedia data to guide you to an empty space.
Inrix Traffic uses ParkMe and Parkopedia data to guide you to an empty space.

The system sources its parking spot information from Parkopedia and ParkMe, which contain information on 18,000 parking facilities in North America and 42,000 in Europe. Included in this data is information on the number of available spaces at participating parking companies, the price of parking at various locations and, of course, directions on how to reach them.

Sadly, while the system can point you to the direction of on-street parking bays, it isn’t yet able to tell you whether they’ll be empty when you reach them. However, it’s surely only a matter of time before Inrix Traffic, or a similar system, acquires this functionality. Some councils, including Westminster in London, have already begun placing sensors in Internet-enabled parking bays that can tell when a car is present or has stayed longer than its allotted time.

“Inrix is connecting the car to the apps and services people need now to enhance their driving experience,” commented Bryan Mistele, president and CEO of Inrix. “By making it easier for drivers to find a place to park, we help reduce traffic congestion for everyone.”

Inrix Parking will be available in the Kenwood DNN990HD and DNN770HD Wi-Fi-enabled car stereos from Kenwood. Other devices, including in-dash manufacturer-installed systems are expected to follow later.


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