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Interview with Shiro Nakamura on car design and the new Q50 – video

Infiniti rolled out its new Q50 luxury saloon recently and we were on hand at the Geneva Motor Show to get a proper look at it. While we were there grabbing an eyeful, we managed to secure a few minutes in the company of Infiniti’s design guru Shiro Nakamura and picked his brains on the subject of car design.

Shiro is the man behind many a legendary car in the Nissan group. He is the creative genius behind the Nissan GT-R, the Nissan Z range and off-the-wall future classics such as the FX50 Vettel Edition – an SUV designed for three-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel.

In this clip, Shiro Nakamura tells us what he looks for in a car, who Infiniti’s cars are designed for, and where he gets his own inspiration. He also explained how he gets around the numerous constraints of car design, such as cost, driver and pedestrian safety requirements, and engineers who want to stamp their authority on the a vehicle’s design.

Interestingly, Shiro also shared with us what he would change about the Q50 if he had more time, his top three cars of all time, and the Infiniti car he’s most proud of.

Have a look at the clip above and read our thoughts on the new Infiniti Q50.


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