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Intoxicated mother lets baby fall out of moving car

US woman failed to notice her one-year-old baby had fallen out of a moving car.

A woman from Missouri in the US was arrested after her one-year-old baby fell out of a moving car while driving down a motorway slip road. Reports say Gianna Henderson had been attempting to join the highway just outside of Kansas City when the incident occurred.

Eye witness Anna Pozos was in the car next to Henderson as the traffic light turned green and the Hyundai Sonata pulled away. She told news: “Oh my god, is that door open? What just fell out? Cause it hit the ground and it hit it again…”

“When I realised it was a baby I was like screaming ‘it’s a baby’ as I was jumping out and running because the traffic light had turned green,” she added.

Pozos managed to secure the baby boy, looking after him until paramedics arrived. The mother, who had rushed over to help upon realising what had happened, kept her eye on her older child. The baby was later taken to a local hospital where it was confirmed he had only sustained minor injuries.

The 30-year-old woman claimed the older child had undone the seat fastenings, allowing the baby to fall out when the vehicle started moving.

Police suspected Henderson had been driving under the influence. A search revealed cannabis and related paraphernalia. She was charged with child endangerment, driving while intoxicated, failing to provide proof of insurance, displaying an improper licence plate, failing to restrain the child adequately and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Check out’s video report of the story below.


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