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Introducing the mobility scooter that looks like a Harley Davidson

Retired man given ‘new lease of life’ with Harley Davidson-inspired mobility scooter that looks so convincing it fooled police.

There is nothing sexy or glamorous about a mobility scooter that goes 6mph and is driven by the elderly, which is exactly why retired caretaker Geoff Dickson decided to buy an uber-cool Harley Davidson lookalike that looks so real it fooled police.

Mr Dickson, from Wells in Somerset, suffers from a degenerative paraplegic disorder, which means he is unable to control his legs. When forced to go shopping for a mobility scooter, he was a disappointed by the choices available. “I was told I had to get a mobility scooter so I went to a local store, but all I saw were pink things with baskets on the front – I really wasn’t impressed.” he commented.

Mr Dickson added: “The woman in the shop asked me what I would be interested in so I told her I wanted something that would go-off road and that looked like a Harley Davidson. Just because you are old and disabled doesn’t mean you can’t be cool too.”

After some looking around, Mr Dickson was finally united with his pavement-going hog in the summer of 2013. “They hunted around and showed me the one they had found. It has really given me a new lease of life.” 

The Harley lookalike, which has earned Mr Dickson the nickname ‘The Wells Angel’, attracted attention from local police who thought it was a real motorbike.

“I was driving along the pavement when a police car drove past me then quickly spun around and pulled over,” Mr Dickson told the Western Daily Press. “When they got out the car one of them was nudging the other and they were laughing. One of them said ‘Sorry, brains over here thought you were riding a motorbike on the pavement’. Afterwards they just kept pushing each other and laughing.”


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