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Invisible bike helmet keeps cyclists safe and stylish

Bike helmets can be life-savers, especially if you commute to and from work on busy roads. But many of us find them uncomfortable, unattractive and cumbersome to lug around. Luckily there is an invisible solution coming to market that combats all three issues.

The Hovding helmet is the work of two talented Swedish design students who decided that it was time to shake up how helmet should look and function. The pair spent seven years studying the sort of accidents encountered during urban riding before fabricating a practical, aesthetically pleasing solution that should prove just as safe.

The duo has secured €10 million in funding, paving the way for the invisible bike helmet to hit retail. 

So how does it work, you ask? We’ll let the video below reveal the grand finale. 

The smarter readers among us could argue that relying on accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors to detect a crash seems an unnecessary and potentially hazardous approach to safety. Wearing a bike helmet is hardly a hardship and – unless you’ve dropped it – it’ll always be ready.

The invisible helmet comes in a number of different styles to match the rest of your biking gear. It costs €399 and is available direct from the Hovding website.

Would you wear the invisible bike helmet? Let us know.

Source: Jalopnik


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