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Chevrolet Bolt electric car set to terrify Tesla

The North American International Auto Show will see General Motors unveil an electric car concept that could compete with Tesla Motors, it has been reported.

The Chevrolet Bolt (known internally as the BEV2) is said to offer 200 miles of driving on a single charge, putting it on an even keel with the forthcoming Tesla Model III, which will allegedly cost US$30,000 and have a similar range.

Analysts and some General Motors employee profiles claim the Chevrolet Bolt will arrive in time for the 2017 model year.

Not only that, a number of high up people at General Motors have said work has been made on a 200-mile electric car. Reports also claim a team was setup to study Tesla. Then vice chairman Steve Girsky told the Detroit News: “Listen. Like it or not, [Tesla] thinks big. Big in terms of range, big in terms of speed.”

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact General Motors applied for the Chevrolet Bolt trademark in the US back on August 2014. Bolt would be a strange choice for a petrol or diesel car.

Work on the Bolt is said to have been going on for nearly two years. The 200 mile range is said to be enough to combat the range anxiety fears associated with all-electric vehicles.

General Motors spokesman Terry Rhadigan declined to confirm or deny the report. If true, Tesla will find itself up against its biggest opponent to date.

Confirmation and more details are likely to be given at the Chevrolet press conference, which is set to take place this week in Detroit. Meanwhile more details of the second-generation Volt, which debuted in Detroit eight years ago, are also expected.


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