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Is this the cheapest fix for a broken reverse gear?

A car with a broken reverse gear can make driving very difficult, but fixing the problem can be expensive. Luckily one man came up with a novel solution that has gone down a storm with the internet.

Rather than face a frightening repair bill, YouTube user hexdude24 (real name Mark Brazell) got creative with two rollers attached to a chain that sit under the rear wheels, turning the forward spinning motion into backwards movement for his clearly aging Nissan Pathfinder.

While the idea is weirdly satisfying to see in action and downright clever, Some YouTube commenters expressed their concern over the chains snapping and hitting the son, who is seen in the front passenger seat.

The driver argued the hooks used to attach the chain to the car only ‘stretched’ when the rollers slid out during initial testing and that there was ‘no violent breaking’. Phew.

Looking to make something of the spotlight shining upon him, the man from South Georgia in the US said announced he is a computer programmer and looking for work, before linking to his LinkedIn profile. It is unclear if Brazell has since landed himself a job.

The YouTube video has been viewed more than 2.3 million times, which just goes to show a little bit of ingenuity can help you go a long way. Or, in this case, backwards.

Man fixes reverse gear



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