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Is this the world’s most stupid BMW driver?

Audi drivers were meant to have overtaken BMW drivers as the most arrogant and likely to tailgate you on a motorway at 100mph, but it seems one driver is trying to prove otherwise.

A video on YouTube called ‘typical BMW driver’ shows a red BMW waiting in the middle of a busy intersection with the hazard lights at night. The car is then seen creeping into the expanse of tarmac before the driver buries his foot and the stupidity begins.

At this point the car is seen doing a doughnut, with the tyres burning rubber and the back end of the car narrowly missing another motorist trying to get from A to B. He then keeps the Bimmer going for another few spins before speeding away from the camera.

Luckily for all involved, motorists waiting at the junction cotton on to what’s happening and stay well back, giving the BMW the space it needs to spin round aimlessly.

Besides being just a tad dangerous and inconsiderate, it’s mystifying why the driver thought it would be a good idea to ruin his rear tyres where people can clearly see the licence plate, as opposed to in, say, a quiet supermarket car park.

Comments on the video are divided between those who defend BMW as a brand and those who think they are for “dbags and rich housewives”. “Typical dumb stereotyped title,” one user commented on the video, which has been viewed nearly 37,000 times since it was uploaded on the 29th of April, 2015.

Obviously trying this on a UK road will almost certainly leave you without a licence, out of pocket and in the bad books of traffic cops, so maybe save your inner-hooligan shenanigans for private land.

Typical BMW driver video


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