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Isle of Man TT first-person video makes F1 look dull

YouTube video of Michael Dunlop in the TT shows why the TT has no equal in motorsport.

They say fortune favours the bold. There is, however, a limit to just how bold you can be before fortune deserts you ─ a fact sadly reflected in the number of riders who have died competing at the Isle of Man’s legendary TT race.

This is why a YouTube video of Michael Dunlop racing around the Isle of Man during the 2013 TT Supersport Race is so utterly breathtaking yet terrifying. Gently brushing a kerb at 200mph, tailgating riders to within inches and bouncing off the limiter ─ there is nothing on Earth like it.

The video shows Michael Dunlop racing on a Honda CBR600RR during lap three of four of the second Supersport race from a first-person perspective. It has been viewed nearly 400,000 times since it was uploaded by Duke Video. Dunlop is in second place on corrected time behind Bruce Anstey. John McGuinness and Cameron Donald provide Dunlop something to chase during the video.

We were lucky enough to drive the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and MiTo around the official TT course. It took about 50 minutes in relatively light traffic. The TT riders do it in 17 minutes. Bonkers. Makes the issue of F1 engines being too quiet seem tedious, doesn’t it?

Take 18 minutes out of your day to watch what is quite possibly the most mental race ever. Then consider buying TT: Closer to the Edge for more of an insight into what makes riders like Dunlop and Guy Martin tick.

TT 2013 – On Bike Lap – Michael McDonald video


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