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Jaguar boat concept buoys XF Sportbrake launch

Jaguar has a real love for vehicles that rove the land, but that hasn’t stopped it dipping its corporate toes into the murky world of boats. Simply known as the Jaguar Concept Speedboat, this 6.1-metre long and 2-metre wide wave-rider is designed to showcase what makes the brand tick.

Jaguar launched the XF Sportbrake estate this week, but this concept boat stole the show.
Jaguar launched the XF Sportbrake estate this week, but this concept boat stole the show.

The Concept Speedboat, revealed in Scotland at the launch of the XF Sportbrake estate up in Scotland, boasts a fibreglass hull, which looks like it could cut through land as well as waves. It features a fibreglass hull fin, a carbon fibre styling fin inspired by the aerodynamic fin on the Jaguar D-Type and a fuel filler cap that bears more than a passing resemblance to the one seen on the first-generation Jaguar XJ.

On board, the Jaguar boat’s deck is made of teak and you can rest your sea legs on sporty-looking red seats, making it nearly as luxurious as a typical road-going Jaguar. It offers very little protection from the elements, but at least you’ll look cool while icy sea winds tear into your face.

Jaguar’s head design honcho, Ian Callum, worked alongside two consultancy firms, Ivan Erdevicki and Seventy Seven Design, to create the concept. “With the launch of the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake, we had an opportunity to create a vision of how our design philosophy might be applied to an alternative product, in which speed and beauty are also priorities,” he said.

Sadly the Jaguar speed boat is unlikely to ever be released. Its main purpose in life is to look pretty, to remind the world that Jaguar makes awesome products and to support the launch of the XF Sportbrake estate. That said, we can’t imagine Jaguar would need an awful lot of persuading to build the thing if someone rich enough were to hand them a large enough wad of cash.

If you’re filthy, stinking rich and you desperately need something to tow with your new XF Sportbrake, we suggest you get on the phone.


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