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Jaguar E-Type concept is new-school classic

A wise man once said “the Jaguar E-Type is the most beautiful car ever made”. That man was none other than Enzo bleedin’ Ferrari and if he, the godfather of some of the world’s most spectacular vehicles, ¬†says so then it must be true. Sadly, having ceased production in 1974, the E-Type is no longer with us, but we’ve spotted a modern day reimagining that has us crossing every possible appendage Jaguar will create a new one.

The E-Type concept is the brainchild of designer Laszlo Varga.
The E-Type concept is the brainchild of designer Laszlo Varga.

The E-Type concept in question was dreamed up by Budapest-based design student Laszlo Varga. It started life as a drawing, but quickly became a more detailed computerised rendering before entering the physical realm as scale model made of clay.

Regardless of the medium, Varga’s E-Type concept is a thing of beauty. Critics may argue it doesn’t have the same fine detailing or the curves of a real-life E-Type, but it still has plenty of nods towards its iconic forebear. We love the oval grille, replete with Jaguar’s ‘growler’ logo, the central bulge running the length of the bonnet and a modern spin on those unmistakeable headlights.

There are other very noticeable nods towards the E-Type Series 1 coupe. The concept has a near-vertical windscreen. It also has a very similar window graphic and profile, as well as thin, horizontal tail light clusters at the rear. On the whole, it’s very much a modernised E-Type.

Sadly, the concept doesn’t actually exist and probably never will in this form. However, we’re hoping Jaguar designer Ian Callum sees the excellent work done by Laszlo Varga and is inspired to blow the dust off the classic E-Type and re-invent the thing for a modern audience.

Have a slow, longing look at the images in our gallery below and let us know what you think in the comments or on Facebook.


It's a modern remaining of one of the world's most beautiful cars.
It’s a modern remaining of one of the world’s most beautiful cars.

In profile, it's slightly less curvy than the original.

But it has the familiar window shape of the original.

The bonnet has the familiar bulge running down its centre.

The oval grille has no horizontal bar across the middle, but the 'growler' logo is in place.

One step closer to reality?

Jaguar -- are you seeing this? Hire this man, please.


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