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Jaguar F-Type pictures, specs and release date emerge

We’ve shown you pictures of the Jaguar F-Type, we’ve told you the price of the various versions and today we can confirm that as of April 20th 2013, you’ll be able to order one.

Three different Jaguar F-Type versions will be available to buy at launch. The base model comes equipped with a 340PS (335bhp) 3.0-litre supercharged V6. Then there’s the mid-level F-Type S that bumps the power up to 380PS (375bhp) and, last but not least, is the monster 5.0-litre V8 that makes 495PS (488bhp).

Naturally, the V6 and V6 S are rapid – 0 to 62mph takes 5.3 and 4.9 seconds, respectively, but it’s the V8 you’ll want if you fancy terrifying yourself on a routine basis. It can hit 62mph from standing in 4.2 seconds before blasting up to a limited top speed of 186mph ─ all while turning heads like you wouldn’t believe.

There’s no option of a manual gearbox yet so buyers will have to settle for an eight-speed automatic, complete with launch control for leaving boy racers at the lights and stop/start technology to help save fuel. The mid-level F-Type S achieves 31mpg and CO2 emissions of 213g/km. The V8 is thirstier and filthier, returning 25.5mpg and 259g/km.

The standard F-Type will set you back £58,500 on the road, the F-Type S will sell for £67,500 while the V8 costs £78,950. Jaguar says it has received 500 pre-orders so far, so you’d better get a move on if you don’t wan to be stuck on a waiting list for ages.

We’re in the process of ransoming Jaguar employees to let us have a go in the F-Type so expect a full review in the near future. Until then, scroll on down for a gallery of the latest F-Type images and a video of the car in motion. You know you want to.




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