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Jaguar F-Type reviewed by Brundle in video

“The thing is just perfect!” That’s the conclusion Martin Brundle reached after hopping out of the new Jaguar F-Type. The Sky Sports F1 presenter, rarely a mincer of words, delivered his verdict after putting the new baby Jag through its paces on the road and track.

Racing legend Martin Brundle has put the Jaguar F-Type through its paces.
Racing legend Martin Brundle has put the Jaguar F-Type through its paces.

Brundle was one of a handful of famous wheelmen to test the F-Type prototype as part of a video feature produced by Jaguar. In the test, which you can watch below, Brundle, along with racing drivers Christian Danner and Justin Bell, can be seen hooning the supercharged 3.0-litre V6 around Snetterton race circuit and the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 model on the surrounding Norfolk roads.

All offered positive feedback of the new roadster, most of which centred around the incredible noise it made in both V6 and V8 guises. Brundle’s first impression of the V6 car was that it had “a nice bark from the exhaust.” Bell, echoed this sentiment, saying “you know a car’s good when you smile when you just hear the noise.”

The F-Type’s bite seemed just as compelling as its bark. “Wherever I put the F-Type, she immediately goes. There’s no half-second delay,” Bell said. Bundle was just as complimentary, saying “it’s agile, it’s precise and I know that when I turn the wheel I’m not going to get a lot of understeer with the front washing out across the road, so I can place the car exactly where I want it.”

While both cars were prototypes, Jaguar assures us they were ‘fully representative of production intent’ from a dynamic and powertrain perspective, meaning the final production models should behave in pretty much the same way.

The F-Type will show its gorgeous face sometime in 2013. The standard 340PS supercharged V6 car will be available on the road for £58,500, while the 380PS supercharged V6 F-Type S and 5-litre F-Type V8 S will retail for £67,500 and £79,950 respectively.


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