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Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake is a British Ferrari FF

Fan creates impressive Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake concept images.

Shooting brake versions of cars divide opinion like a certain yeast-based spread, but this particular example dreampt up by a design whizz has us contemplating a call to Jaguar design director Ian Callum to put in a good word.

Self-confessed ‘automotive manipulator’ Theophilus Chin from Singapore posted two images of his interpretation of the F-Type Shooting Brake on his website. The outcome, as you can see, is a bit special. Bodging the wonderfully crafted lines of the F-Type Coupe should be a recipe for disaster, yet somehow Chin’s creation adds a sense of grandeur and individuality.

Jaguar fans will, of course, know the British manufacturer is no stranger to turning a sports car into a glorified estate. There was the XF Sportbrake and XJS Shooting Brake, the latter of which formed the basis of the petrolhead favourite that is the Lynx Eventer.

Callum actually admitted a shooting brake version of the F-Type was considered during the development of the Coupe. “Oh, yes,” he exclaimed when AutoWeek put forward the question.

If Jaguar ever made the F-Type Shooting Brake a reality, which is highly unlikely, it would join a very small club of impressive machinery that includes the V12-powered Ferrari FF and BMW Z3 M Coupe.

Some of you looking at the two images will feel like your eyes have been violated. We reckon having two extra seats and more space in such a beautiful car seems like a win win situation.

Other Jaguar-based concepts from Chin include a F-Type GT3 and F-Type RS.

Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake concept image


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