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Jaguar ‘XS’ pictures reveal a potential BMW 3 Series beater

Jaguar is busy beavering away on a compact saloon that will go head to head with the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. New pictures show a mule that uses an XF body shell, however it is thought to be built on Jaguar Land Rover’s PLA (premium lightweight architecture) chassis, which can be lengthened or shortened to fit cars as small as a 3-series or as large as the new Range Rover.

The Jaguar XS is expected to borrow styling tips from the Jaguar F-Type sports car, though it should have more in common with the existing Jaguar XF saloon. Coupe and convertible versions are expected.

Jaguar has a range of engines at its disposal, but given the XS’s target audience it’s expected the powertrain of choice will be the company’s 2.2-litre diesel unit. V6 diesel, 2-litre diesel and V8 petrol models are also plausible, particularly if Jaguar sees fit to release a sporty XS-R version.

Given the fact this mule uses another car’s body shell, it’s fair to say the Jaguar XS, or whatever Jaguar ends up calling the thing, is still some way away from release. We’ll bring you more details on this eagerly anticipated model as we get it. Until then, now’s the time to start weighing up whether you should put that BMW 3 Series or C-Class purchase on hold.

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