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Meet the Maniwa, the world’s ugliest (and only?) wooden ‘supercar’

Wooden car has real plates, spoiler and a top speed of 50mph

The Japanese are known for being a little bit leftfield compared to the rest of the planet. It should therefore come as no surprise to hear that a furniture maker from said region has built what it is describing as a wooden supercar. Yes, really. 

Wood you get hitched and ride away in the Maniwa?
Wood you get hitched and ride away in the Maniwa?

Meet the Maniwa, a hideous three-wheeled wooden ‘supercar’ created by furniture store owner Kenji Sada. Sada, a self-confessed sports car fanatic and Lamborghini Countach owner, constructed the body of the Maniwa from structural plywood and finished it with wood from fir and Japanese Cypress trees.

It’s petite, measuring just 2.5m long, 1.3m wide and 1.1m high, and weighs a mere 800 kilograms. Despite its size, it sits three people in comfort (if you can call sitting on wood comfortable), with the driver up front taking control via motorbike-style handlebars and space for two passengers across a bench in the back.

The entire project took five months to build from concept to completed car.

The wooden supercar gets its slightly dubious name from the fact it features a rear-engined layout. Its 175cc motor, sat round the back, provides enough grunt to accelerate the contraption to a not-particularly-shabby-although-certainly-not-supercar-bothering 50mph.

Apparently the wooden car cost approximately £26,000 to put together. Mr Sada intends to recoup some of this money by hiring the Maniwa out for events, such as weddings — presumably for customers that can’t afford to hire a Rolls Royce, or aren’t bothered about being late to catch their honeymoon flights.

Could you see you and your loved one waving goodbye at the church in one of these? Let us know below.



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