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Jeep sat-nav deliberately gets you lost

The sat nav is one of the greatest inventions in recent times. Technology companies have worked long and hard to ensure they prevent motorists getting lost, so it may come as a surprise to hear Jeep has built a feature into its GPS software that’s designed to get you completely and utterly lost.

At the next swamp, turn left.
At the next swamp, turn left.

There is method to the madness. When inner-city life becomes too much to bear, the Jeep: GPS to Get Lost feature will direct you to a secluded, picturesque location so you can get away from the madness of city life. It’ll guide you to lush green fields, sandy beaches, rolling hills – all located, as Jeep says, “god knows where.”

The feature, built into the car’s GPS system, is pretty straightforward to use. Select the Get Lost option, pick from Mountain, Sand, Puna (grasslands) and Woods for your terrain, flip your boss the bird and set off for a day (or more) of adventuring.

A robotic voice will guide to your destination in typical sat-nav fashion, only with Jeep: GPS to Get Lost, the lady will also throw in comments like, “during the next kilometres, advance until you lose sight of the city”, “caution: it is forbidden to circulate while wearing a tie” and, “enjoy, your boss’ office doesn’t have this view”.

You can take a look at the system in the following video advert.

Scroll on down to see Jeep: GPS to Get Lost in action.

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