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Jeremy Clarkson song mildly amuses

Jeremy Clarkson has his own song. Thankfully the Top Gear presenter hasn’t taken up a career in music, but a pair of British women have penned their own anecdote to Jezza and released it, along with a music video, on YouTube.

Hawkeye and Windy describe themselves as having a penchant for ‘mildly amusing lyrics, questionable singing and more autotune than you can shake a stick at,’ and all of that is in evidence in this creation, entitled ‘Top Gear Song.’

In the ditty, the pair sarcastically sing:

“if you want him off your TV screens because you’re offended by his jeans; if you’re not sure what to complain about next, just take some of his quotes out of context and write to Ofcom, tell them all about it. Would Jeremy care? I really doubt it.”

It’s a mildly entertaining and tongue in cheek tribute to the great man. Lower your expectations and have a listen below.


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