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Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe II set to terrify a new generation

Back in the early 1900s, the Jonckheere Rolls Royce Phantom I Aerodynamic Coupe roamed the streets, instilling fear in the hearts of men. Nobody truly knows which individuals designed it or the man or woman bonkers enough to have commissioned it, but its evil visage is still firmly engrained in the psyches of those who were unlucky enough to have witnessed it roll by.

This re-imagining of the Jonckheere coupe is just as terrifying as the 1900s original.
This re-imagining of the Jonckheere coupe is just as terrifying as the 1900s original.

Today, a whole new generation of humans look set to be traumatised by this beautiful monstrosity’s great grandcar. The company that today lays claim the rights of the original, VDL Jonckheere, has tasked Ugur Sahin Design to create a new Jonckheere for 2013 and, as you’ll see in the pictures, this young whippersnapper is just as sinister as the original.

Many of the previous car’s most crucial features have been carried over. It has the same proportions and lines, with the same long bonnet, sweeping rear, circular doors and smooth, spoke-less wheels. The front has been smoothed out somewhat, however, and we expect the new car is more aerodynamically efficient than the model that inspired it — though we suspect that’s the last thing people will care about when they’re hurriedly ushering their frightened families out of sight of whichever maniac may be driving it.

“The new design was carefully put together with a very crucial thing in mind; ‘Respect’,” said Ugur Sahin Design via a press release. “It is challenging to re-interpret something from that past which has a very imposing and impressive character like the original car, into a modern shape without losing its core essence.”

“It was important to avoid creating a design which is too modern by changing the original proportions too much, while still adding and changing elements in a certain way to avoid creating an outdated impression,” the company said.

Obviously, humanity at large is unlikely to stand for something as terrifying as this roaming our local high streets. Can you imagine doing the school run in one of these things? The young, impressionable mind of every youth that clapped eyes on it would be scarred for life. That said, Ugur Sahin Design is in the middle of negotiating with potential investors and other interested parties to help them build an exclusive one-off car that will be sold to the highest bidder.

Millionnaire Bruce Wayne types with hearts of darkness apply within.


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