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Journalist tries to access Schumacher’s hospital room dressed as priest

A journalist tried to gain entry to the hospital room of injured Michael Schumacher by disguising himself as a priest

The lack of information surrounding Michael Schumacher’s slow recovery after a skiing accident has led one journalist to dress as a priest in order to gain entry into the former racer’s hospital room. Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s manager, has said: “I wouldn’t have ever imagined something like this could happen.” 

A journalist was discovered trying to sneak into Schumacher's hospital room dressed in religious garb.
A journalist was discovered trying to sneak into Schumacher’s hospital room dressed in religious garb.

After the journalist was found out, he was escorted out of the hospital, but has not been identified. 

Ms Kehm added: “I am asking everyone to let doctors work and let the family spend peaceful time with Michael.” 

Schumacher, who is stable but is still in critical condition, is battling severe brain injuries after a skiing accident in France over the weekend.

Doctors said on Tuesday that the racer’s condition has slightly improved, which allowed them to perform a second two-hour long procedure to remove bleeding in his brain. Although it has given them some time, doctors have warned that Schumacher is “not out of danger” yet. 


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