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Kate and William’s bulletproof Bentley is royally tough

Kate and Wills have a new Bentley and it is, as you might expect, bulletproof.

Most new parents have to make do with a Renault Scenic or equivalent that’s seen better days. But, then again, not all parents are related to the Queen of England, which goes some way in explaining why Kate and William’s family wagon is a Bentley.

It’s not just any old Bentley, mind you. The Flying Spur, which would set the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge back a cool £250,000 if it wasn’t on a lease, has triple-glazed bulletproof windows to keep the sound of peasants at bay and super hardened ballistic steel plating to protect them from harm, making the already heavy vehicle weigh a whopping three tons.

There’s also run-flat tyres that allow it to drive even when punctured and a loudspeaker system for warding off potential attackers who stray too close. Oh, and the fuel tank and engine bay have been beefed up to further enhance the level of protection.

On the inside of the 200mph saloon, which will be used for royal engagements, is a WiFi connection, quilted leather heated seats with a massage function, hand-made walnut interior and a champagne cooler. Just what the royal couple will need when the future king has a tantrum and starts throwing his toys out of the window.

Just in case anyone tries to pursue William and Kate, the Flying Spur‘s W12 engine can provide a 0 to 62mph time of 4.3 seconds, thanks to 616bhp and 800Nm of torque on tap.

There’s no word on the financial specifics of the arrangement between Bentley and the Royal Family. Considering the prestige and coverage it’ll generate, we’re guessing it’s a generous deal. Bentley sent William and Kate a Flying Spur six months before it became publically available.

Other cars used by the Royal Family include a number of Range Rovers, one of which is the Autobiography Black Long-Wheelbase, and a Jaguar which is used for low-key events.

“The Bentley is being leased by the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry for official engagements, which is no different to any other member of the Royal family,” a Kengsinton Palace spokesman told the Daily Mail.

A Bentley spokesman added: “As Warrant Holders to HM The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales, Bentley Motors are proud to have supplied the Golden Jubilee Bentley State Limousine for use by The Sovereign.”

Should the Royal Baby find the Flying Spur a bit mundane, here are eight other suggestions. You’re welcome, future king.



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