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Ken Block melts Russia in Go Pro promo

Ken Block is back and this time he’s not destroying tyres, but that’s only because he’s been drifting it up in snow-covered Russia. Everybody’s favourite Hoonigan was invited by the folks at Go Pro to perform his usual brand of sideways automotive tomfoolery with the proviso that he destroy as many of the company’s miniature cameras with his car as possible.

Block duly obliges. The king of delaminated rubber starts his exploits by giving the dozens of Go Pro HD Hero 2 cameras attached to his car (and himself) a quick once over before charging through a snowy wood, rally style, narrowly missing trees and snowbanks that could leave a serious dent in his Ford Fiesta hybrid function hoonmobile.

Other highlights include Ken ‘terrorising’ a skiier by dousing him with snow, drifting across a dozen or so floor-mounted Go Pros, seemingly destroying every single one in the process, and the aforementioned skiier exacting revenge by kicking Block’s rear bumper off the car at the end of the video.

It’s nowhere near as impressive as Ken’s previous exploits (it’s basically an commercial for Go Pro) but it’s certainly worth a watch. Have a gander at the action for yourself below.


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