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Kia Provo Concept – Geneva Motor Show 2013

Kia may be gearing up to release its Pro Ceed GT, but the company isn’t resting on its laurels where the hot hatch market is concerned. It’s also working on the Kia Provo Concept, a small, muscular coupe-style hybrid hatchback that provides a glimpse of the company’s future design direction.

The Kia Provo Concept is a B-segment hatchback that occupies the same size bracket as a Ford Fiesta. It’s aggressive-looking thing, with a hunkered-down stance, muscular lines and a sporty look. There are plenty of clever aesthetic touches including a racing car-style front splitter, a cluster of LED lights and a windscreen reminiscent of a helmet visor.

The Kia Provo Concept has some interesting propulsion technology. Under the bonnet lies a 1.6 T-GDI engine that sends a healthy 204PS via a seven-speed DCT gearbox to the front wheels. This is joined by an electric motor that delivers an additional 45PS to the rear wheels when sudden bursts of acceleration are required. The motor can also work independently of the petrol engine in a button-activated ‘creep mode’, ideal for zero-emissions city motoring.

Inside, the Kia Provo Concept has tiny red LEDs set into the doors, air vents and the roof, giving off ambient light. The front seats, meanwhile, are made of a single wave-like panel that runs from one door sill, across the cabin to the other. The seat backrests don’t fold forward, as they might on standard cars, but rather spin into the centre of the Provo, making it slightly easier to access the tiny rear seats.

Tech heads should be pleased with the inclusion of a digital screen that has several display modes. In normal mode it shows a large speedometer as well as a rev counter and sat-nav route instructions. In cruise mode, the map takes centre stage, with the speedo playing second fiddle. In track mode the rev counter is the star of the show, along with a track map and a lap timer. An entertainment mode shows you track and artist information.

As with all concept cars, there’s no word on whether the Kia Provo Concept will ever be built. However Kia says the fact it’s building the Pro Ceed GT shows it is ‘committed to delivering desirable, dynamic and stunningly attractive vehicles that will deliver affordable enjoyment to real, everyday motorists.

The Kia Provo, it says, “could be just such a car.”



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