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Kid goes for a ride in a US$1.2 million Pagana Huarya

Video shows Pagani chief test driver driving with his son at the wheel of a supercar.

Some of our fondest memories stem back when our dads or mums would impart their driving wisdom, a time when our feet could barely reach the pedals but we dreamt of being behind the wheel. Just imagine, then, how the son of a Pagani driver will feel when he looks back on this video showing his dad taking him for a spin.

The clip shows test driver Davide Testi cruising with his son on his lap in a Pagani Huarya supercar. Testi takes the Huarya around a local automotive event, giving onlookers not just an eyeful but also an earful of its 6.0-litre bespoke 720hp turbocharged AMG-built V12.

His son appears to be smiling away as the car, worth around US$1.2 million, blasts around the parking lot ─ performing the odd gentle powerslide, launch control start and full-power sprint.

Since the video was published on April 1st it has come under fire from critics who say the child was in danger and that the actions of Testi were irresponsible. One YouTube commenter said: “Expert driver or not, what an irresponsible parent he is.”

Others came to his defence. “He gave the kid a priceless memory, and the danger was negligible,” one YouTuber said. Another added:  “I wish my father could have done that in a Pagani!”

The video was uploaded by petrolhead YouTuber Marchettino. It has been viewed 86,786 times at the time of writing.

Given the pedigree of the driver and the closed-off area in which he drove, we reckon the kid was in good hands. With that said, don’t try the stunt at home with the fruit of your loins.

Dangerous driving or just a bit of fun? Let us know.

Pagani Test Driver takes his son on a joy ride video


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