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Watch this Lamborghini Aventador crash spectacularly in London

£300,000 Lambo Aventador caught on video hitting another vehicle while hooning around Knightsbridge in London.

On a day where jokes are encouraged, we doubt the owner of a black Lamborghini Aventador is laughing. MSN UK has published a video of the £300,000 supercar colliding with a people carrier. Supercar fans would be wise to look away now.

The collision is said to have occurred on Sunday in the area of Knightsbridge in London, according to MSN UK. In the video you can see a high-revving matte black Lamborghini Aventador try to sneak between a Mazda that has just pulled out of a side street and a car parked on the roadside.

Unfortunately for the Lamborghini, the gap is too narrow and the supercar and family wagon make contact. Lots of contact. The supercar then screeches along the road before hitting a BMW estate, causing major damage to the front and side of the car. Bits of debris can be seen scattered across the road.

After the crash a man in a red hoodie is seen running over to help a blonde female passenger out of the vehicle, presumably because he assumed she was the driver. The driver is seen stepping out shortly after.

Both drivers appear to be at fault. The motorist in the Mazda should’nt have pulled out, but then the Lambo, with its supercar brakes, would’ve probably stopped in time if it was travelling at a safe speed. That’s assuming, of course, the Lambo driver had enough time to see.

Thankfully nobody is hurt in the incident. At least, not physically ─ no doubt the embarrassment will take time to heal. Check out the video below and try not to wince. Bet you can’t. Then look at another destroyed Aventador if you’re feeling particularly brave.



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