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Lamborghini dealer helps dad deliver best present for son’s birthday

Little Jacob gets the ride of his life in Lamborghini Aventador in special birthday gesture by dealership

We’ve all dreamed of the birthday upon which someone hands us the keys to a wildly expensive supercar. For Jacob, that dream became a reality – well, almost. Jacob’s dad wrote a message on Lamborghini’s Facebook wall to ask if one of their customers would kindly drive over to give Jacob a ride as a special treat for his 8th birthday.

Staff at Lamborghini North decided to go one step further. In a great PR effort from them, they turned up to the little boy’s birthday party with not one, but five, Lamborghinis.

In the video, the junior Lambo fan appears overwhelmed after seeing the line of automotive beauties pull up. He steps into a black Aventador for a couple of laps around the neighbourhood. 

Having being taught never to get into strangers’ cars from a young age, we were a bit preturbed to see Jacob’s dad hand his son over to a bunch of people he’d never met. And it’s a shame we don’t get to see the youth’s little face light up while the car is being driven. Having said that, at least the father wasn’t quite as irresponsible as Mohammed Nisham, a businessman who got arrested after letting his 9-year-old drive his Ferrari for a birthday treat.

Returning to the party, Jacob thanks his chauffeur and is presented with a couple of souvenirs. The lad’s not quite ready for a set of car keys to one of these bad boys, but Lamborghini has undoubtedly made a fan for life.


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