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Lamborghini Gallardo driven, WRC style, through muddy woodland – video

There’s nothing we love more than watching rich folk hoon fast cars around exotic circuits with reckless abandon. Except, perhaps, watching rich folk hoon fast cars around places not particularly suited to hoonage.

So we doff our cap to Ken Block for terrorising the streets of San Francisco in his souped up Fiesta and the unidentified folks who took a Rolls Royce Phantom around the lawns of an unidentified estate and, later, a Ferrari Enzo around a farm. The latest video vying for our attention features a man charging around muddy, pothole-riddled woodland in a Lamborghini Gallardo.

The video, entitled ‘the Lamborghini WRC – Stage One’, doesn’t really live up to the standards set by the aforementioned wheelmen. It’s well shot, features some sideways action and allows you to revel in the sound of the Gallardo’s glorious V8, but it’s all a bit tame in comparison to what we’re used to. Still, at least the Lambo’s pretty – even if it is coated in mud.

Have a gander for yourselves. Here’s hoping stage two, if it ever happens, is a bit more daring.


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