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Lamborghini Gallardo in Ken Block-style gymkhana video

Everybody loves Ken Block’s Gymkhana video series. But as awesome as the clips might be, there’s no getting away from the fact that he is, at the end of the day, driving a Ford Fiesta. Yes, it’s a souped up rally-spec Ford Fiesta, but it’s still a Fiesta nontheless, and what car fans really want to see is a gymkhana series with a proper motor.

Ken Block... step your car game up.
Ken Block… step your car game up.

Nobody wants to see it more than Damon Fryer at Daily Driven Exotics. Back in March Damon released a video that showed him hooning around a forest in his Lamborghini Gallardo and today he’s back with a new flick featuring the very same Lambo being spanked around an empty truck lot.

If the last Daily Driving Exotics video left you wanting a little, this should scratch any residual itch. Damon’s clearly stepped his driving skills up a notch, demonstrating some excellent car control as he donuts the 2006 Gallardo first around cones, then around lamp posts, then underneath trucks.

“So like the rest of you I love the Gymkhana Infomercials by Ken Block! So I decided to take my personal daily driven Lamborghini Gallardo and a brand new set of tires and give it a go myself!” commented Fryer. “I’m no Ken Block.. I know this, but everyone starts somewhere and this is where I start.”

Fryer reckons this video is merely the prelude to a much larger, more epic gymkhana piece.

“ I hope you like this (practice) video because i have 12 brand new Yokohama sponsored tires to do a full 7 min feature video on an epic location with all the real crazy 180 -360 spins and tires smoking stunts you have seen the Subaru or Ford perform but this will be done in a Lamborghini!

“Or at least I will hammer the gas and give it my best shot… either way you are gonna see me destroy 12 tires in some manner in 7 mins!”

That, or your Lambo.

Hit play to see Mr Fryer get all types of courageous.

Via: Aol

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