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Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse is the most insane yet

Lamborghini has given its trusty Gallardo supercar yet another makeover. We present to you the Squadra Corse, the most insane variant ever. Until next week, probably.

The name ‘Squadra Corse’ is what Lamborghini calls its motorsport team. So you can understand why there are more than a few nods towards the LP-570 Super Trofeo race car, including a sizable rear wing, quick-release engine and plenty of carbon fibre on the centre console, door panels, racing seats and steering wheel.

While the 5.7-litre V10 from the ‘standard’ Gallardo remains intact, the generous helping of carbon fibre means the Squadra Corse weighs 70kg less at 1,340kg. This allows a slightly faster sprint from 0 to 62mph – 3.4 seconds, the same as the equally heavy Superleggera – and 0 to 124mph in 10.4 seconds. The top speed drops to 199mph though, because the rear wing generates serious downforce at speed.

Other differentiating additions include the Italian flag stripe running along the car, matte black front air intakes, bonnet and rear-diffuser and 19-inch forged allow wheels also painted in black. The body can be red, white, yellow or grey and the calipers red, black or yellow.

In case you plan on using your Squadra Corse for driving to work, comfort seats are an option ─ although doing so will probably undo some of that lovely weight-saving.

With nearly ten years under its belt, the Squadra Corse may well be the last Gallardo flourish to grace the planet before its replacement, whatever that may be, roars into view.

Expect availability and pricing details to emerge at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September when the new Lambo debuts.


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