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Lamborghini Sesto Elemento unleashed on public roads

It weighs less than a paperweight, costs an absolute fortune and is made for the track, but that has done little to deter one man from using it like a daily driver.

Ignoring the fact Lamborghini never made the Sesto Elemento legally drivable on public roads, the lucky driver shows what its price tag of £1.95 million gets you and that includes a 570bhp V10 and all-wheel drive. Just 20 were built and sold so it’s about as rare as cars get.

That is a relatively low power output in this day and age of supercars, but the Sesto Elemento is largely made from carbon fibre, helping it weigh less than a Ford Fiesta. No wonder, then, 0-62mph is said to come and go in 2.5 seconds, while the top speed is 198mph.

The location appears to be Dubai, where the local bobbies seem less than interested in pulling over a car without number plates. Nor does the Rolls-Royce camera car seem to draw much attention, either. But then this is a country with a Bugatti Veyron police car so it’s hardly surprising.

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond did a marvellous piece on the Sesto Elemento (see below), which is well worth a watch. It makes the car seem even more sinister than it looks, which is no easy feat. It’s positively menacing.

The interior is just as ridiculous. Because a dashboard would add unnecessary weight, the Sesto Elemento has only the absolute bare essentials. Even paint is deemed too heavy, as Hammond points out, while the seats are just tactically-placed pads.

It is, therefore, about as practical as picking up the kids from school in a chinook. But nobody ever bought a Lamborghini because of its boot space. As the video shows, it’s about being loud and fast. Mission accomplished.

Video: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento on public roads


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