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Latest Caterham advert is an airline safety briefing spoof

British car manufacturer Caterham has released an advert for one of its cars with a bit of an air travel-based twist.

Likening the new Caterham Sevens to a plane, the car maker decided to replicate an airline safety briefing, complete with a ‘trolley dolly’ guiding the driver and passenger of a Caterham through the various procedures.

“We recommend you keep your seatbelt fastened at all times in case of unexpected turbulence,” the air hostess says, and that “mobile phones may not be used during take-off” before the passenger experiences full acceleration of a Caterham 620R and his phone is thrown from his hands.

The hostess goes on to say “smoking is encouraged”, with the video showing a burnout, and then shows the safety card, in which it states passengers are requested not to vomit, cry or soil themselves as ‘this may distract the pilot’.

Just to top it all off, the video finishes with the passenger being offered a Martini. Suffice to say, he is unable to drink it in peace. Shame not all safety briefings are like this, we might actually bother to watch them.

The Caterham 620R has a whopping 311bhp, which is already a more than healthy amount before you consider the two-seater’s low weight. 0-62mph comes and goes in 2.8 seconds, making it as fast off the line as some hypercars.

Although a top-spec Caterham costs tens of thousands, there is a budget-friendly model known as the Seven 160, although it is far less powerful than its 620R sibling.

Video: Welcome to Caterham Airways


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