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Lexus is trying to make our hoverboard dream come true

Lexus is taking a break from creating cars Alan Partridge would approve of to spend time making something Back to the Future promised us in 2015: hoverboards.

As part of its Amazing in Motion marketing campaign, Lexus has been working with experts in super-conductive technology to create what it claims is ‘one of the most advanced hoverboards the world has seen’.

The exact workings are unknown, but Lexus says it involves magnetic levitation with liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets there to keep the hoverboard above the ground, allowing for frictionless movement. How well it actually works, if at all, is currently unclear.

The board itself is made from a number of high-tech materials and, believe it or not, the panda’s favourite, bamboo for where the rider places their feet.

It looks a bit like a cross between a shallow bath and the bottom of a shoe but Lexus is keen to point out it shares a few design similarities with its four-wheeled creations, including the signature spindle grille.

Lexus executive vice president Mark Templin said: “At Lexus we constantly challenge ourselves and our partners to push the boundaries of what is possible.

“That determination, combined with our passion and expertise for design and innovation, is what led us to take on the Hoverboard project. It’s the perfect example of the amazing things that can be achieved when you combine technology, design and imagination.”

Now we come to the good and bad news. The good news is that Lexus will be testing the prototype hoverboard in Barcelona in the coming weeks in preparation for the launch of the Amazing in Motion summer campaign, the hoverboard being the fourth project to come from it.

Now how can we break this to you gently? The hoverboard prototype will not go on sale, so put those visions of gliding to work behind you. But you never know, maybe the efforts of Lexus will take us one step closer to the dream.

Lexus advanced hoverboard pictures and video


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